Project Objective: Fashion 101, this project came about after meeting with a vendor called Thinglink, a technology that allows you to image map images and videos and make them “more” interactive. I began to think about what other possibilities are there and how we could use it at Style. What I came up with was Fashion 101. The question I was asking was, What if your new to fashion and want to know about the industry, where do you go where do you begin to learn about the designers? Wikipedia, do you search multiple fashion sites? My solution was to create a cliff notes type of feature, that would showcase 10 interesting, relevant moments you need to know about the subject. Below are examples for Hedi Slimane, Joseph Altuzarra and¬†NatalieWestling, the take away it could be used for almost anyone or any topic, a trend, a style etc.

hedi-slimane-fashion-101 joseph-altuzarra-fashion-101 natalie-westling-fashion-101

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