Project Objective: Post redesign the editorial direction of the fashion shows section of style pivoted, the focus changed from a broad audience to a professional audience, based on usage and user testing and feedback. I was tasked with “fixing” the problem. The objective was to introduce the pro tools to the readers for better navigation and experience as well as come up with a solution to integrate expanded editorial content seamlessly with the current offerings. These updates increased traffic to the secondary designer content by 40%, and also cut exits by 20%


Season Index: Each season has its own index that allows users to navigate to all designers who showed work for that season. It needed to allow users to navigate latest shows by date, and content type as well as promote “instant” coverage.



Alternate Season Index Page: My initial approach was to expose all of the secondary content of a our coverage that is currently hidden behind a sub navigation. I choose to expose the content below the main point of navigation. This would allow the users to see content that they may not have normally browsed.

*This did not get developed due to timing and resources




Review Page: Each collection has a review page, that houses the editors review along with collections images, and all secondary supported content. Such as, details, front row, atmosphere shots, and video. The review page for a designer also contains the timeline module that allows users to browse previous seasons from that designer.


On all three of these pages users need the ability to navigate to other designers and seasons, we also include 12012014-Fashion-Shows-Collection-Page-PRODUCTION

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