Project Objective: 2010 GQ Digital edtion redesign. After designing the First Digital Edition for GQ Magazine in 2009 We began re-looking at the digital editions. Our first go around was a pure native to device approach. through are user testing and learnings we needed to expand the experience to a richer feel.

Design concepts for GQ 2.0 Brand Reader. Here are concept designs I had worked on for a update to the magazine reader. More comps after the jump.

initial launch with only preview content.

Scrollable homepage allows for cross content promotion

Pinch and zoom cover to expose magazine TOC

Exposed TOC incorporates editorial and Advertising, which also allows you to access magazine content from anywhere in the magazine

Inline article featuring inline images live text and power user media bar. Using this format you will only need to develop one article layout for portrait and landscape views.

Media bar slides out from the left allowing users to access related content, i.e. related stories from issues and online, images, search, and sharing.

User then can access the tag cloud to expose other stories that have been tag similarly. Allowing them to purchase individual stories/ magazines and push traffic to the websites for online reading with in the app

Concept applied to other properties.


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