Project Objective: A part of the design process is the presentation. When the iPad came out one of the ideas we were working with was how can we utilize the iPad to manage our presentation as well as save on the amount of print outs we were using for stakeholder presentation. We also wanted to address the fact that the printout was not a true representation to the screen, the fine detail and line work never translated. Also the projectors in the the conference rooms were all problematic.  The color would not be accurate or you had the wrong connector. Finally we also wanted to control the pace of the presentation. How often you would be at a presentation and you would see the attendee’s would be looking ahead in the deck.  What we developed was Idea Flight, a presentation tool that allows you to share your presentation over multiple iPads. The Pilot, presenter, would be able to sync all the iPads, as long as they have the free app installed. Attendee’s had the ability to log in via Linkedin, which created a easy way to network, everyone in the room could see who was attending. The Pilot would be able to unlock the presentation for users to browse on there own. This project was built for Condé Nast, as a separate venture, once the initial project was launched we would spin up a team to maintain and advance the product as a separate business. The project grew into the education industry as well as a sales too for our sales team.



ideaflight1 ideaflight2 ideaflight3 ideaflight4 ideaflight5 ideaflight6 ideaflight7 ideaflight8 ideaflight9


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