Project Objective: Create a March Madness Bracket Poll that will allow users to vote and determine who walked the runway the best. My roll was to concept conceive and design the UX UI and the sustainability of the project. Part of designing and integrating  these complex polls system with our pre existing CMS. I also have to make sure that our editorial star can maintain the and support the feature. Basically designing it to function and work with our editorial workflow. It was also designed to integrate advertising sponsors.

Feature Overview: We selected 8 Models from each city and put them against each other.  Established 5 rounds for each city. Readers were able to view each video side by side and see who walked the runway the best. they could cast there vote and move on to the next pair. I also created animated gif’s for each model to share your vote on social media. Voting was not capped and users could vote as often as they wished.  At the end of the Vote we crowned a winner of the Model walk off.


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