Project: Montclair Hockey Club Site Redesign and Content Strategy

Currently in the initial stages of development, exploring the site structure and content strategy with the organization. The objective is to organize content on the site to informative and useful, and functional. It needs to serve a multiple of users. Perspective Players and families, Current Players players, and team management and coaching staff. The site needs to promote and advertise the organization to the sport and the community.


Site must be able to:

•Easily message parent players and teams about events and and organization announcements .

•Site must be able to onboard new members easily and systematically

•Help grow the program

•Allow coaches and administration to communicate to the players and MHC family

•Provide tools for teams players and management, such as hotel booking for travel, rink location, and info on basic training and MHC related info.

•Build a social presence

•Grow communication via a newsletter program

•Provide the latest scores from all the divisions and teams in the club as well as the standings through out the individual leagues.

•Establish a integrated E-com site

Below is the screen capture of the current site. Below the the current site you will see the initial proposal comp given to the organization as a POC to the type of work.

Current Site:Montclair-blues-site-before

POC Design

I created this comp as a possible direction and part of the presentation to the organization for the project.



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