Project Objective: The recirculation of editorial content is always a challenge. I started out building/designing  a POC for an editorial feature that would be part game part recirculation module. The goal was to allow edit to publish a feature that would focus on the previous weeks content and “gameafy” the news. Users would be asked 10 multiple choice questions that after answering each question they would immediately see the correct answer and the story that the question is about.  They would not have to wait till the end of the quiz to see the results. The hope would be pushing the user into stories that they have not read on style, or into more info about the topic. At the end of the quiz they would be rated on there performance and then asked to share with friends. It would be a weekly feature, built on the weeks stories.  Readers would get badges based on how well they did.


Below are two POC comps(not final but designed wires) I found designing new product wires for our editorial staff helped communicate the concept.) The first design shows the general idea of a scrolling quiz. The second comp shows how it would appear once answers were selected. There are more stages to the user flow but these are the highlights. the Goal was to utilize a white label version of Polldaddy as the backend.

Working with sales we also planned on incorporating a Question of the day version as well as a sponsored question.





The Answers would display the story the question is from and the ability to link to read more.04102015News-quiz-v2

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