Project Objective: I am a subscriber to SiriusXm. I have been since Sirius has launched. When the Sirius App was introduced in the App store I immediately downloaded it. With that said, the recent update has created such frustration. Although it’s a visual improvement. its functionality has suffered. The previous version, had its problems but it was clear what it was capable to do and what it was incapable of. Which leads me to this exercise, I have begun redesigning some of the key flaws, that I have come across, as well as introducing some enhancements.

The major challenge with the new updated design resides in the actual audio controls of the app. When using this app on a new iphone 6,and 6+(and probably all fablet phones) the ability to reach the “play” and FF, and RW buttons is almost impossible with one hand. If you look at all competitive music players that have all settled with a consistent location. When a users is in this mode they should be presented with what is necessary for them to use to listen to music, programs, and live events. I have scene this many times where “design” does not take into consideration of the actual physical device that they will be using or the actual location they maybe using the app. You must design beyond the screen.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the hierarchy  of information. Currently, as far as I can tell the only way to access more information about a given channel is it first access the channel, for example if your looking to programs, on demand shows or the ability to learn more about the channel. A user needs to play the channel and then scroll the page to access the related information and programming.  This is what I call a “one road in one road out” approach, sometime successful for editorial content but not necessarily a pay service. The experience needs to be focused on its primary goal to play media.

Overall I attempted to stay true to the overall style guide established to the brand, for the most part this is just a beginning first round of design suggestions I am making. I have only spent a few hours working on them but many hours using the product.

Sirius-App2This next set of screens are suggestive. The app currently does not have a “at a glance” view of my favorite programs. It does however have a list view of favorites, but you must select the channel to see what is actually playing. The customization of the “me” section needs to optimized for the user.

I am suggesting a view of my sirius, possible set as a default view. This is similar to many news aggregation apps, the Sirius app and its subscribers would benefit if it allowed its users the ability to aggregate Sirius content into one location. This view would also allow the users to see what is playing on all the channels at once. If a business goal is to expose subscribers to other channels then I think a recommendation engine could be explored here to expose user to like music, much like the Spotify Desktop and tablet app does.


And lastly, one other issue I have with the app is the clear indication of where you are and what you can do as a user. The app lacks is a clear visual language of what is “active” what is “clickable” and “where you are”. I am beginning to address it on the comp below where I am exploring how to message the user that they are on the “me” section.  I found myself feeling frustrated since I had to look for indications of where I was.


Sirius-App-my-station-page3This is simply a beginning, I am a huge fan of the service and I only do this to improve it. It is very frustrating right now when i use the app. I hope to continue exploring a solution and plan on presenting this to SiriusXM in a more official capacity…



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