Project Objective:  Sales and Marketing came to me to come up with a holiday package that integrated editorial and a sponsored advertisers content. What had come up with was a choose your own mystery meeds mad lib. Readers were asked to pick answers from a series of questions with the payoff being 12 possible answers with a unique story, and curated look from our fashion editor. The look also included one of the advertisers products.

This is how it worked, when they began and selected the first answers they would begin to build the story and start down on there path. It begins with one question, with three answers that then present the user with the second question that is determined on what they answered in the first question.  You get the idea. Once they answer 3 questions they are presented with a interesting narative  and a look. They can take it over to see the other looks, they can share the look to social.  I wanted to introduce story telling and gaming in a quick easy way.

The following screens are the concept comps as well as the wireframes I created to have architect the development











Results comp:




tiffany-madl lib wire frames



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